Bee-lieve it or not

In the Visual Assignments section, I found an assignment to post your favorite photo you’ve taken and tell the story of why you love it. When I took this photo, I was a Longwood University playing softball for the club team at UMW. We had just gotten new balls donated to us with the coolest logo on them and I was so excited to take a picture and post it on my Snapchat story. To my surprise, when I looked at the photo, there was a perfect picture of a bee right above the ball! I was absolutely astonished that I took this picture on my iPhone and posted it EVERYWHERE because I was so excited. Of course, I had non-believers that wanted to say it was photoshop or a sticker I put on the photo, BUT you can clearly see the shadow of the bee on the ball, so it’s legit I promise!

This also ended up being my last game with the club team, as I was unable to juggle school, teaching, work, and club sports at the same time. After about 15 years of playing, it was so hard to let it go, especially since I did not realize that this would be my last game ever. This picture reminds me of all the fun I had playing the sport I loved for so long, and on a funnier note, reminds me of all the time I spent running away from bees at tournaments that tried to land on my snacks!