Visual Storytelling

When it comes to capturing a picture, I tend to get lost in the moment and forget to capture an image to remember it by. I find myself looking back on a day and wishing I had captured something to remember it by. Most of my pictures in my phone are silly pictures of me and my friends, which help me to remember a moment, but I guarantee no one else would find them funny simply because you had to be there in the moment to understand the photo. I think photos are a great way to remember something, but nothing compares to living in the moment. For a picture to tell a story, there has to be a clear indication of what is going on and what played out after the picture. Besides the silly pictures, the rest of my camera roll consists of pictures of my dogs, the beach, and sunsets. Most of my photos usually end up blurry or unfocused because I am trying to snap a quick picture in a moment and not focus too much on my phone. I definitely think that I need to work on capturing more images that have meaning and focus on the aspects that elevates a picture from good to great. My photos are very one dimensional and from one perspective, so I think I need to work on contrast, perspective, and depth when it comes to elevating my pictures.