Journey to Becoming a Better Photographer?

I tried to find examples of all of the aspects of photography. It was a bit difficult since I don’t often take pictures (see previous post titled Visual Storytelling for a deeper explanation). With that being said, these photos probably aren’t the best representation of the aspects of photography, but I think they are decent examples. Below each picture in the caption, I have included which aspect the picture represents and a brief description of why I think it represents it.

Contrast – the dark color and vivid texture of my coat against the smooth bright color of my nails create a good contrast and draws your eye to the focus of the picture
Depth – this picture was probably not the best representation of depth, but the flowers above my head were glued all over the ceiling and I thought the focus on my face rather than on the flowers created a cool depth effect
Perspective – instead of taking a photo at ground level, this picture was taken at an elevation which gave the viewer a different perspective of the art than you would see on the ground looking up at it. You were able to see the full piece of work rather than just a section
Lighting – I think the lighting in this photo is great. It’s not too bright or too dark, but it seems like the perfect balance.
Foreground/Background – this was probably the best example of foreground and background I had on my phone. It focuses on the front of the picture but you can still see the beautiful background of the photo which adds to the focus of the image
Moment – this is by far one of my favorite photos I have taken. There will never be another image that looks exactly like one. The waves will never hit the rocks the same way, which made taking this photo at the perfect moment even more satisfying
Balance – the way the shells go from big to small, the contrast of colors, and the different textures in this photo make for a good balance of different elements while still allowing the person viewing the photo to focus on mainly the shells