Radio Show Promo

Attached below is my contribution to our group radio show design poster. We each decided to create an image of our current selves photoshopped with a picture of our younger selves, and then collage all of our photos together into one larger poster.

For this image, I used a photoshop application on my phone and merged the new image onto an older picture of me. I then added my name to the image, so when the whole poster is complete the viewer can see all of our images together with each name attached.

The one thing I think is really cool about this photo is that I am wearing a Mary Washington shirt with a younger version of myself. It’s kinda nostalgic thinking back to this time in my life and looking at how far I have come and how much I have accomplished since then 🙂

Note: once our entire group poster is complete I will upload it below!

Update: Promo poster posted!

Update: we decided to do solid backgrounds to make it more cohesive 🙂

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