Radio Show Progress Week 2

This week was a lot easier in terms of this assignment. My group met on Zoom on Monday to discuss details of what we were going to talk about on the show. We came up with a list of ideas to talk about and decided that it was best if we didn’t have a set script of questions, but rather an abundance to choose from, that way we are not all answering the same questions and it sounds more natural.We asked questions like, “would your younger self be proud of you now?” and “did you accomplish goals you set for yourself at a young age?”. These questions helped tie together the two stages in our lives that we were discussing. We collectively decided that it would be easier to record our segments separately and cut them together using a bumper or commercial in between each segment. This way its a lot less pressure to talk about what we want to talk about and if we mess up, we can re-record! We also decided that to make the show more cohesive, we would all record the same intro and outro, and also have the same music playing in the background for each segment. The intro and outro might prove to be a bit difficult since we probably won’t talk at the same pace, but we will see how it turns out when it is overlapped together!

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