Let Me Pick Your Brain About Design

I really enjoyed reading the article about graphic design. I loved seeing some of the old school product designs and some cool newer-aged designs. It was really cool to also read about the author of the book that the article is based on. I loved how they discussed that the author never talked down to the kids when writing the book but instead wrote to them, encouraging them to open their eyes to the world of design around them.

From the same website as the initial article, I also read another one titled “Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich on Art vs. Design and the Joy of Losing Yourself in Purposeful Work”. I loved the animals made out of words, I thought it was a really unique design technique that you don’t see very often. I also really liked the quote the author says that discusses how design is different from art, stating that design aims to answer a question posed by the market, whereas art answers the question of individual artists.

Both of these articles were fantastic reads and I feel that I learned a lot and got a great new perspective on design.

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