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Final Project Progress

This week I started on my final project for DS106. It was hard initially for me to choose a topic to focus on, as I had a few ideas bouncing around in my head. Initially, I wanted to do college highlights. I loved the idea of sharing stories from my college experiences, but I had already done something similar for a weekly assignment. I then thought about bringing in multiple peoples’ stories, similar to our radio show we produced. I honestly really liked that idea, as it perfectly falls into our theme for this semester. Although I really like that theme, I had more of a connection with the theme I ended up choosing : Our Quarantine Stories. I got this idea from a classmate who shared an idea to do a few DIY videos for her final project, and I built on that. I tried a lot of DIY activities in quarantine last year, so I then got the idea to talk about how our life changed during quarantine. I decided to interview my co-workers and friends using video that I am going to stitch together. I have already recorded a few videos, and am working on stitching them together this weekend. I also thought it would be funny to add an advertisement in between the interviews, and make it sort of a talk show kind of thing. I want the ads to tie into the main theme, so I am thinking about some things we saw/did during quarantine that would make for good advertisements. I have also created my own poster for the interview show that I will post below as a preview!

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