Final Project Ideas Cont.

When looking at a few classmates’ posts from this week a few stuck out to me. Megan’s idea was really cool and was something that I hadn’t thought of! I would love to see everyones favorite posts from this semester compiled into a video.

Another great idea was Olivia’s thoughts on a DIY project/hack video. Expanding on this, I find the 5 Minute Craft videos to be whilarious sometimes with all the crazy stuff they come up with, and I would love to try some of them! I think that would be really neat to actually put some of these hacks to the test to see if they are worth the time!

The last blog post I really enjoyed was Hena’s thoughts on our final project. I honestly loved all of her ideas, especially the Disney podcast!

I think the class came up with really great ideas and I can’t wait to get working on this project and see everyones finished results!

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