Bumper & Commercial

My group decided to each do a radio bumper and a commercial and choose the best 3 of each category to go into our radio show. Below are my two completed assignments from the assignment bank that will (hopefully!) go into our show. I chose to do a Tamagotchi ad because it is something I played with A LOT as a kid. I remember sitting in my driveway with my neighbor for hours playing with them. I heard they’re making a comeback though, so I might have to go snag one just to see if it still brings me joy 🙂

For the bumper, I really wanted to remind the listeners to take a second and de-stress, since that is definitely something I need to be reminded of during this crazy semester!

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Mo B, I love how you chose to encourage your listeners to breathe. We often need this reminder throughout the day (especially in today’s world) and I loved it. It is so unique and different that it stands out (in a good way). Well done!

Awesome bumper and commercial! I never had a tamagotchi as a kid but that just made me want one so much more. 🙁 You’re making me feel like I should get one now just for the experience!

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