Weekly Summary

Weekly Summary #10

This week was a fun week to expand on the tools in my toolbox that I have began collecting from this class. I enjoyed doing some of the assignments from the assignment bank this week and turning them into TikToks so I can share them with my friends and family. They found them pretty funny, so I’m glad I was able to create something to share with them, but also use it as an assignment for this class as well.

I think my video essay could’ve gone a little better than it did, but at that point in the day, I had given up on trying to make it perfect. I had tried so many times to redo it and make it better but I found myself saying the same things and using “um” a lot even though I really tried to avoid it.

Overall, I think it was a good-ish week. Not my favorite, and not my best, but not bad! Below are my posts from this week:

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