Weekly Summary

The 4th Installment of Summaries

As in previous weeks, this weeks’ assignments challenged me to be more creative and use new tools. I used photoshop for the first time and actually learned something fun that I might use for future social media posts. My phone has an amazing camera so one would think that I would use it more often, right? Well after this week I definitely will be. I thought I had a lot of photos in my phone (2,113 to be exact), but with all of my photos being silly, screenshots, and mostly of the same thing, do I ~really~ have any photos? I mean I obviously do, but not ones really worth sharing. After viewing some classmates posts and seeing their awesome photos, I feel like I am missing out by not taking more photos of my surroundings. Hopefully after this week I will be more aware of photo opportunities and be able to capture more photos!

My favorite three posts from this week were Since ’99, The Chum Bucket Pt 2, and Can Zendaya Get Some Credit Around Here?

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