Weekly Summary

Summin’ it up 2.0

When reading the instructions for this week, I was a little overwhelmed about everything there was to do. 3 assignments from the assignment bank, 4 days of posts from the daily create, editing my blog, and commenting on others posts seemed like a lot for one week. I started to stress and worry that I wouldn’t be able to get everything done in time before I had even started any assignments. That’s one of my biggest flaws – stressing about things that aren’t necessarily stressful.

I started the daily create posts on Saturday and to my surprise, they were easy and fun. I enjoyed seeing other peoples posts and tweets that aren’t in this class. It gave me a sense of how widespread digital studies is and how impactful it is in other peoples lives. There was one woman in particular that responded to the original post every day and often commented on mine, and other classmates posts as well, even though she is not in our class.

When it came to the assignments from the assignment bank, there were A TON to choose from. I quickly found 3 that I was interested in and went to work. Once I finished one, I went right to the next, and found that I finished them super fast. Let’s make something clear – I am definitely NOT a creative person, and I often struggle with this when it comes to writing lesson plans for my classes. I was surprised this week when I found myself enjoying the assignments and finding some semblance of creativity deep (and I mean VERY deep) within myself. I thought my posts and titles this week were punny (like funny but because they’re puns, they’re punny. Get it?) and clever, a drastic change from my boring titles from last week. I can’t promise that every week will be as good as this one as far as titles, but I am definitely trying to be more creative with every post I write!

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