Final Project Ideas

When thinking about this final project, I get kind of sad realizing that this class is coming to an end. I have really enjoyed the theme for this class and hearing everyones stories related to themselves, and using their stories to compare and relate to my own. I am excited to jump into video making for our final project! Below I have included some ideas :

  • College highlights – mashing up pictures and videos of some of our favorite college memories and telling stories about those memories
  • Quarantine highlights – mashing up some things we did over quarantine — new hobbies we started, how we stayed sane, some shows we binged, how we spent time with our families, etc. Sharing pictures of things we did/created and telling how it went, if we liked it, etc.
  • Childhood highlights – taking pictures or videos from our childhood and voicing over them telling a story. Or put some pictures and tell funny memories we have from our childhood.