Where I live is SUPER boring. I live on a pretty busy road so there’s no where I can really walk to take pictures and I was unable to devote the time this week to get out to a park due to my work and school schedule. So, with that in mind, please enjoy my pictures of my house/yard ! The only one I didn’t get to on the list in the 20 minutes was the fork in the road picture because I couldn’t think of anywhere in my yard that represented a choice.. but I had lots of fun coming up with ideas for the other photos!

Please ignore my dirty mirror. In hindsight, I really should’ve dusted it off before taking a picture. But I tried multiple pictures of different objects in the mirror and it didn’t look right, so I started messing around and took a photo of myself and I actually kinda like it?
Turquoise is my favorite color, and this picture is full of variants of that! It’s a paint by numbers canvas I am in the process of finishing!
Pink is also one of my favorite colors, so these were a few things I had laying around my room that I use quite frequently (yes, I know these are all new, but I just got these replacements for my old ones lol). I also thought that since the caption was “pink is HOT”, the candle was ironic
Again, my yard is pretty boring so finding a cool tree was a little difficult. So instead, I tried to make a boring tree look cooler than it actually is… don’t know how well I succeeded?
Here is a monochromatic picture of ~some~ of my white shoes. Yes, I am a little shoe obsessed because I have at least 6 more pairs of white shoes in my closet – these were just the ones I had within reach when I took the picture
My mom is obsessed with snowmen and has them all around our house during the winter. So, with the headline “Winter storm warning for snow and ice Thursday and Thursday night” in mind, I snapped this photo hoping it gets me out of going to work!