Sound and Stories

After listening to Moon Grafiti, it is evident what a key role sound plays in our ability to visualize information. Sound has the ability to set moods and create emotions. When listening to Moon Grafiti, I felt like I was there, in that moment, listening to them. The sound was so raw and real, the more they talked the more anxious I became. I went through such a whirlwind of emotions listening to this audio and trying to relate to how they must have felt in that moment.

Sound in visual storytelling also plays such a key role. Whether its music in movies that creates a mood, or silence that speaks volumes. One of my favorite examples of sound in movies can be found in A Quiet Place. For those unfamiliar with this movie, the characters in the movie have to stay silent in order to survive blind aliens that have inhabited the planet that respond only to sound. Sound becomes so important in this movie because it is defines life and death. I think this was the first time I had experienced a movie where although there were few sounds, the ones that were in the movie were so important to the plot. This movie is just one example of how sound can play a key role in the media we see on a daily basis.