Spill the Tea

One of the assignments this week from the Design Assignments was to create a charity ad. One of my all time favorite charities is 4Ocean. The work they do is incredible and so inspiring. In relation to our theme of “What is Our Story”, this charity was what introduced me to ocean conservation. I got a bracelet for my birthday a few years ago and I have been hooked on ocean conservation ever since. I became obsessed with their mission and was so excited to share this charity with all of my friends. Although they are not a non-profit, they still do amazing work throughout the world and have pulled thousands of pounds of trash from our oceans and beaches.

When it came to creating this ad, I wanted it to be simple, yet effective. I thought this image was powerful because it shows how something as simple as a toy teacup can impact our environment in a negative way. I also couldn’t resist the “spill the tea” pun either 🙂

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Hi Morgan! This is such a clever idea with a very important message behind it. Also, it’s so crazy how something as simple as receiving a bracelet can kick off something as powerful as getting an interest in ocean conservation.

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