A Week of Radio Shows

With Monday being my only night I am free from work, I was able to tune into the Un-University Radio Show. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to my classmates talk about shows that they loved during quarantine and comparing their favorites to mine!

I also loved their question and answer segment. I loved hearing their thoughts on my questions I asked through Twitter, because I am definitely struggling with balancing school, work, friendships, and teaching. The questions my other classmates asked were also super relevant to my life and I really enjoyed listening to this segment, I feel like it really helped! Balancing all of your commitments with everything going on in the world right now is becoming more and more difficult, but I loved their advice!

The commercial overlay of multiple news broadcasts relating to covid was so creative, definitely my favorite commercial of the show! I think they all three worked really well together and the show flowed really well. If I had to suggest one thing, it would be to maybe add background music or something to connect the segments so they don’t feel so separate! Overall, I really enjoyed listening to their show and definitely felt like it related to my life and I was able to take away some great advice!

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